The Siska! An Australian sailboat I took with my best friend overnight through the Whitsundays and to Day Dream Island. Although I learned how sea sick I can get, I had one of the best sleeps of my life on this boat! 
This is the Maheno shipwreck, also on 75 mile beach. There’s not much to explore on the inside, but just the wreck itself is an unnatural wonder. 
Wanaka, New Zealand. For months before this trip of a lifetime with my best friend, a photo quite like this one was the background on my phone. I dreamt of what the experience would be like. We accomplished Rob Roy’s Peak a month into our trip, and I was able to pose in this photo myself to replace my phone’s background screen. And yes, it is as amazing as it looks in this photo. 
Living in Jasper, A.B. I experienced total bliss. This photo of fireweed was taken on a day I just decided to pull over and climb as high as I could to do some writing. 
The moment I first laid eyes on the town of Jasper, this mountain looming over the little streets, demanded my attention. It’s red hue indicating how rich it is in iron, and its menacing peaks still iced like a cake with snow, Pyramid Mountain was immediately my favourite. I knew right away, that not only I wanted a tattoo of this beautiful beast, but I’d have to climb it first. A 7 hour gruelling day through all sorts of terrain led me to accomplish this goal. I now have my tattoo on my left forearm as a reminder of what great things we can be capable of. 
Tonquin Valley, Amethyst Lake, the Ramparts. I couldn’t begin to tell you the best part of this overnight hike I had the chance to do with one of my best friends who came up to visit me while I was living in Jasper. But it definitely wasn’t all the mud, I’ll tell you that much. 
One of two locations on our planet that offer a plane ride taking off and landing on a sandy beach, this is on Fraser Island in Australia. I was on a tour of the island and when we got to 75 mile beach, a ride was offered to our crew and six of us (that’s as many seats as this aircraft could carry) said yes to a scenic flight. Once aloft, our pilot took my phone to snap a selfie of us all, but on 3, rather than simply snapping the shot, he did so whilst he dropped the plane! You can imagine how that photo of our half excited with surprise and half terrified faces looked. 
Aahh, my little cabin home in Jasper, A.B. I applied to work in Jasper and got offered a serving position in a little restaurant at Pocahontas Cabins, due East of the town itself. I moved into this little cabin on the resort in May of 2018, and stayed until the icicles were 2 ft long hanging off the roof and I had completed nearly every hike the National Park has to offer. (October). This became a home to me. 
This photo was taken at the Athabasca Falls, a small park featuring a wondrous waterfall. The rock walls are astounding as you see how the ice and water flow pressure have affected the texture of the surfaces. 
And this is me. At 22 years old, living on my own in Jasper, A.B. I’m 24 now, but not too much has changed, I love bright colours and practicality, hence the fanny pack, which I like to refer to as the Branny pack. This photo was taken by my best friend Alexis, when her and her boyfriend Steve met me in Banff for some adventures and then I showed them around Jasper where we made it here, to Pyramid Island. Surrounded by nature, wilderness, freedom, and friends, has always been a state where I feel whole. So, with the wind in my hair, on a day I probably should’ve worn warmer pants, this is a perfect depiction of who I am.