about brandi

Debut author Brandi Marie is a seasoned world traveller who has visited New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, among others. While on her travels, she wrote her poems and reread them to help her find the strength within herself and the bravery she needed to continue on. She also learned her limits and, when the time came, she returned home. She now lives in Langley, BC, where she plans her next chapter of adventures.

a note from the author

Thank you for taking this adventure with me. Reading a book can sometimes take you to places you’ve never been. But in this case, I hope my words can take you somewhere new in actuality or help you through an unfamiliar journey you’re already on. Regardless of where you are, I appreciate you being here with me right now. The writing and production behind getting these pages into your hands has been a new and exciting one for me, and I’m looking forward to hearing what kind of adventures this book has brought to you.