Dear Adventurist


Dear Adventurist is a poetry collection written to comfort, influence, and inspire people to chase adventure, to discover Earth’s hidden marvels, and to uncover our true selves by following our hearts desires. 

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This book is titled “Dear Adventurist,” and it is just that; it is for someone out seeking more from this earth, for those who crave adventure and chase these dreams with every ounce of their hearts. The first chapter is titled “You.” Here, I write about things I feel I have learned along my own adventure and things I feel I have figured out. They’re written to ‘you’ as advice or insight, or maybe they are simply a reminder that you aren’t the only one to go through these obstacles on your journey. Next, I write the chapter “I,” these being all the things I feel I’m still learning along my journey and haven’t fully understood yet. Maybe you, the reader, haven’t either, and we can learn together. Or maybe you have and can recall a time before such growth and be able to recognize that growth in yourself as a positive. “Them” is the chapter for people who don’t feel an urge to explore, or who do but don’t follow it through. Here, I aim to inspire their intuition or ignite some interest in them about the world that surrounds us, which is so easily forgotten or shut out. I invite them to join us on our adventure. Lastly, I write “We,” which is all about remembering how different we are but remembering that we are all different together. Everyone back home seems to have the same dreams and goals to go through together, so what, or who, do we have? Well, we have each other and this book. Just because our people may not be related or live nearby doesn’t mean they aren’t out there going through all the same challenges and emotions as we are. Adventurists need to remember there are so many of us, and we are living in our own guild and on our own terms, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Because out in the world is where we find our happiness. And that’s all anyone searches for in this life. Personally, I’ve always felt like the only one with dreams to travel, because most everyone I knew wanted to go to school or straight into a trade. And when I was too afraid to go after what I wanted alone, it seemed logical to find happiness where everyone else did. But logic doesn’t always work or win. Once I accepted myself with my differences and all, I realized how much happier I was, or more myself, and when I got out into the world I dreamed of, I met so many people living the same dreams. I want to share all the doubts, emotions, stories, and adventures there are to be had in allowing yourself to follow your heart. So, if anyone ever feels as I did, maybe this could help them. Maybe my words could 


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