The Rock Challenge

The rock challenge is Brandi’s way of getting you out there, exploring your backyard! She finds rocks on her hikes and adventures, paints them the colour orange like her book, and hand writes her poems on them. They are then taken on the next adventure and planted in the trails for you to find like an Easter egg!

The products and paint used on these rocks are non-toxic to the environment. Brandi cares deeply for nature and by no means intends to harm or effect any living ecosystems. Each rock found is washed before coloured to prevent the spread of one ecosystems organisms to another. This also means that the paint fades quite easily and those placed in high exposure spots may have become faded or completely wiped of their poems. Brandi fully intends to plant new rocks as often as possible though, so keep hunting! And don’t forget to tag #DearAdventurist and #RockChallenge when you find one!

Widgeon Lake

Rock #1 can be hunted near Widgeon Lake. This one is a big adventure. You have to drive down to Pitt Lake and take a canoe or kayak across it, down the creek to widgeon campsite, and from there start the hike up to Widgeon Lake! It can and has been done in a day, but you could also choose to camp overnight either at Widgeon Creek, or if you’re ambitious, hike all your gear up to Widgeon Lake.

Frosty Mountain

Rock #2 is atop Frosty Mountain in E.C. Manning Park. This hike is great in the summertime, and golden in the fall. It features Larches, whom bloom gold before they crisp up and release their leaves for the wintertime. When Brandi planted this rock, she took the long way down and checked out the Windy Joe fire lookout on the way down. It was a long and treacherous 30kms day.

Snow Camp Mountain

Rock #3 is also in E.C. Manning park, atop Snow Camp mountain. Take the Skyline 1 & 2 trails, all the way to the rolling meadow peak full of wildflowers in august. And if you dare, like Brandi did, continue on to Lone Goat peak next door.  The reward is even more spectacular. You may even see a marmot.

Yak Peak

Rock #4 in the Coquihalla recreation area. This orange beacon is planted somewhere along the trail to Yak Peak. A steep and gruelling climb with rewards fit for the eyes of rock climbers, or at least very avid and prepared hikers.

Secret Location

Rock #5’s location cannot be shared. It is hidden in an area where geotags are asked not to be released. Good luck!

Elfin Lakes

Rock #6 is near Elfin Lakes, part of Garibaldi Provincial Park. This hike isn’t overly difficult in elevation gain, but it is long. Plan for a lengthily day and potentially a swim in the arctic feeling water of the first lake! But don’t swim in the second lake, it is exclusively for the use of drinking water.

Lindeman Lake

Rock #7 is relaxing near the glacier waters of Lindeman Lake in Chilliwack. This hike is the shortest of the rocks thus far, and Brandi has done it so many times she has lost count. It’s a classic and a favourite. It has become an instagram hot spot, so prepare for company. This also means, you’re highly unlikely to run into bears with so many human voices around. Or try to go on a weekday if that’s possible!

Lynn Peak

With the sun returning to the valley and melting the snow, the rock challenge makes its return! Rock #9 has been planted! Head down to Lynn Headwaters Park and follow the signs to Lynn Peak. And keep your eyes peeled. Something orange hides in the forest!

Big Tree Trail

Meares island, Tofino, B.C. Take a 10 mins water taxi over to Meares Island where you’ll find a boardwalk leading you to the tree of life. This walk holds some of BC’s oldest and largest trees! Keep your eyes peeled as my little orange rock is just that up against the big trees!

Follow my journey to see the next rock location!