My book is for those who need two hands. A protective one to hold when you are facing the unknown. And another pointing you in the direction your heart already intends to go.

Dear Adventurist is a poetry collection written to comfort, influence, and inspire people to chase adventure, to discover Earth’s hidden marvels, and to uncover our true selves by following our hearts desires.

Companion. This book is meant to accompany a lone traveller on their most daunting expeditions; to help explorers, who feel like the only ones, feel less alone.

Protector. My words are meant to serve as reminders that even when it feels wrong, you're still doing something that will serve you in the long run. To protect you from fearing the unknown.

Inspiration. People who doubt what they are capable of, or neglect their dreams because they seem too far fetched are meant to find hope and possibility and spark wonder, and curiosity. Get out there! Explore! Whether it’s your backyard or a whole other country.